Deer Management

Located in the South East we provide deer and woodland management.

The Balance Of Nature

Deerwork works with farmers, estates and private landowners to manage their deer populations across Sussex, Kent and Surrey.

With no natural predators in the UK, deer are more abundant and widespread now than at any time in their history. The population is currently estimated at more than 2 million, and with the population rising, there is an increasing impact on agriculture and forestry. These factors coupled with health risks to both livestock and humans makes sustainable management absolutely essential.

Deerwork provides a professional, friendly and efficient deer control service. Our deer management - carried out by certified and insured deer managers - includes impact and numbers surveys, risk assessments and culling.

Limited accompanied Fallow and Roe stalking is provided in Sussex, Kent and Surrey. 

In addition we provide an emergency call out service for the humane dispatch of large animals.

Damage Prevention Woodland Care

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Woodland Management

Deerwork also provides woodland management service in Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Insured and certified operator for felling and coppicing across the Sussex, Kent and Surrey.

We understand the balance between deer and your tree crop.